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Media Watch

YouTube - Pallywood
Jewish issues – Israel diary objectivity in the media and more (Aish)
Yahoo! News: Hair in Eyes
israelinsider: diplomacy: Hezbollywood? Evidence mounts that Qana collapse and deaths were staged
israelinsider: Views: The media war against Israel
The Second Draft
lgf: AP Rewards Qana Photographers
EU Referendum: game-set-and-match
EU Referendum: stretcher-alley
EU Referendum: vital-to-telling-story
EU Referendum: we-need-to-know-truth
CJR Daily: Lifting the Cover of the Hezbollah PR Effort
The media aims its missiles | Jerusalem Post
IDF Response to Events in Qana
CNN's Anderson Cooper Exposes Hezbollah's Media Manipulations | NewsBusters.org
israelinsider: Views: The media war against Israel
Truth about Civilian Deaths in Israeli Bombing of Qana Village in Lebanon - Google Video
This Ongoing War: 1-Aug-06: Using Dead Lebanese Children for Ammunition
This Ongoing War: 2-Aug-06: The Unbridled Power of the Newsagencies
The Volokh Conspiracy - United Nations an Accomplice in Hezbollah Kidnapping:
CNN's Robertson Now Admits: Hezbollah 'Had Control' of His Anti-Israel Piece | NewsBusters.org
CNN's 'Exclusive:' Nic Robertson's Forum for Hezbollah Propagandist | NewsBusters.org
NATIONAL JOURNAL: Real Or Fake? (04/10/2006)
Telegraph Blogs: Technology: Shane Richmond: August 2006: Disturbing images (1)
qana.wmv (video/x-ms-wmv Object)
GIYUS.ORG - Video from Haifa - Google Video

The Other Side

'Israel's destruction is the solution' | Jerusalem Post
MEMRI: Iran and Syria Beat the Drums of War
YouTube - Hezbollah National Anthem - Propaganda Video
IDF: Hizbullah preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon
CNN.com - Hezbollah: Violence mixed with social mission - Jul 13, 2006
Blair delivers dramatic address on extremism, Israel and global values. | Jerusalem Post


Crisis in Israel
NY firemen come to reinforce locals | Jerusalem Post
A Worldwide Parayer תפילת כל הזמנים
Israel at War: The Good Person of Rambam - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News
'I have no idea how I can pay my employees' | Jerusalem Post
Kiryat Shmona's 'finest hour' | Jerusalem Post

Nowhere is Safe

NSC cautions travelers abroad | Jerusalem Post

News Agencies

Slate Magazine
Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
Arutz Sheva - Israel National News
The top news headlines on current events from Yahoo! News
WSJ.com - Beirut and Israel Under Fire
CNN.com - Anderson Cooper 360° Blog
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Mid-East conflict: Who stands where
israelinsider: Views: The need for steadfastness
israelinsider: diplomacy: Gingrich: "This is World War III"